Vivian Reyes Chicago

Vivian Reyes of Chicago is a FEMALE STRIPPER that stole money from other dancers and clients. The exotic dancer company stated , she does some very shady things with people and cant be trusted. She lives in Chicago which she works sales during the day and does stripping and escorting at night. The exotic dancer company reported that she is a horrible worker, she is volatile and very untrustworthy with finances. She spoiled a special event for a client buy yelling at the clients and taking money without providing a service. The client stated to the company this was one of the worst experiences she has experienced.  Other dancers that have worked with Vivian also stated that Vivian has changed and has absolutely no integrity with them either.

Vivian Reyes threatened the exotic dancer company with harm, the company stated that the emotional well-being is being disturbed from this bad worker.

BLACKLIST Vivian Reyes in Chicago Illinois from all work relationships –

Vivian Reyes lives in Chicago and should be blacklisted from all business or services. You put your self at risk in dealing with this crook. She is part of the Cook or Crook county crew of female strippers that are stealing from many clients out there in Chicago area.

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