Ashlyn Jones Marathon Fl

Ashlyn Jones Marathon Fl stole $100 from an EXOTIC DANCER company. This thief is working currently at Scores strip club, which is a nice club with a fantastic manager. This girl Ashlyn is originally from south Florida yet lives in Las Vegas working as a STRIPPER exotic dancer. She agreed to do a bachelor party in Vegas for an exotic dancer company and never sent part of the money to the company for the companies work and profit (basically this girl is a THIEF).

Upon speaking with the client of the party, he stated this girl Ashlyn Jones STOLE money out off the table. That was a total of $300 that he had laying under his wallet. The girl took the money stating “Ohh this is mine too” she laughed and walked out of the door, the client said “hey, thats not a tip, give that back”. Yet, Ashlyn Jones continued to laugh and left.

Ashlyn Jones Marathon Fl is a THIEF and cant be trusted. She is a mother of a child, she lives in Las Vegas, she should be BLACKLISTED from all business relationships as she is a THIEF

Ashlyn Jones marathon fl

Ashlyn Jones Stripper