Alicia Averette Robertsdale Alabama

Alicia Averette was a hire FEMALE STRIPPER in Robertsdale Alabama 36567. The company exotic dancer company stated that this exotic dancer is untrustworthy with money. She will not pay her fee, she will use every excuse in the book to get out of responsibilities. The company stated that they were very patient with this woman with the last excuse being her getting into a fight in the bank parking lot, breaking a girls nose and said she was getting arrested. This woman uses her child as an escape goat attempting to make you feel bad for her so you give her more time in good faith. This woman is SELFISH, LIES and is all together not a good worker to work in any sort of professional establishment.

BLACKLIST Alicia Averette of Alabama from all work relationships as she will cause much many issues with any company.

alicia averette robertsdale al

Alicia Averette 36567

Alicia Averette Al 36567