Chalayah Taylor In Davie

Chalayah Taylor a Bad Worker – applied for a kid’s party company located in South Florida. Upon reviewing their appearance having blue hair, and upon a phone conversation with the individual, the owner of the kid’s party company decided to not go with this individual in terms of work. The owner of the kid’s party company stated that is offended applicant did a review on Yelp to bash the company. The kid’s party company owner also said that her experience is only working as an Amazon laborer and a cashier at Walmart upon looking at the resume. The owner of the kid’s company stated that this individual doesn’t have a strong background and work experience to support the financial investment and timely investment in having to train this type of worker for the most part. The kid’s company stated that in their experience, they don’t want to waste time on these types of workers. Chalayah Taylor thinks it’s perfectly normal to dye their hair fluorescent light blue. Her lack of mindfulness is why we didn’t hire her. We cannot have individuals showing up to a party looking like this. Acting emotionally unfit. From our experience, these types of people who are consistently angry and demand VIP privileges end up having the most excuses for not showing up to a party. Every single review Chalayah Taylor has done online has been horribly negative, another sign of ritual behavior that she’s miserable.

Consider Blacklisting Chalayah Taylor From All Working Relationships

Do not hire her for any type of work relationship as you’re going to deal with many issues. She is not valuable enough to your company, nor will she benefit any manager who needs to coach her up. Hiring a person like this that demands the working staff to reach out to her consistently is a clear sign of a spoiled brat. These individuals who lack discipline and obedience are all caught up in their feelings and are only adults by birth certificate, not behavior.