Rosalee Decaro NY

Rosalee Decaro NY is a bad worker that STOLE costumes from a kids company. She is currently attempting to extort the kids company. She is forcing the kids company to pay for a storage fee for the kids costumes that are kept at her home address in Ny 10019. Rosalee Decaro NY and the kids company never agreed for any storage fee at all what so ever so this is a clear sign of attempted EXTORTION. Rosalee Decaro NY is an extortionist now and should never be considered for any job openings in any industry. Rosalee Decaro NY  currently works in a office in New York as a receptionist for a dentist. The kids company was kind enough to give Rosalee Decaro NY a glowing character reference in order to get her current job. In fact, Rosalee Decaro NY had a good relationship with the kids company until she failed to show up for a kids 1 year old birthday party and she took no responsibility what so ever. Rosalee Decaro NY refused to contact the client who is mother of the birthday girl to apologize for her error and try to give the mother an alternative appearance by the character to make up for a ruined event.  The kids company also asked Rosalee Decaro NY to pay the $100 fee owed to the company which was lost due to her negligence. When asked to simply return the costumes and end the work relationship in a civilized manner, she attempted to extort the company for more money in order for the company to have their own property returned to them. The costumes and games were a total of $1250 dollars, the kids company stated.

These are not the characteristics of a good worker and Rosalee Decaro NY should be BLACKLISTED from all work relationships because she is a bad worker, unprofessional, VOLATILE and can’t be trusted.