Oscar Pineiro Miami Fl

A thief that steals money for no services. He also threatened to delete a companies Instagram account of helpenergydrink. This Instagram account was hacked now 1 week after the threats, by the use of a fake IG account sending messages to this companies dm messaging.

Who works in marketing on social media, Helpenergydrink hired him to assist in local marketing. However, this ended up being scam marketing, which the beverage company helpenergydrink asked for a refund. The beverage companystated they requested a refund because it wasn’t a genuine form of marketing with people/. They stated, the accounts on Instagram are mostly gimmick accounts. So, helpenergydrink disputed the charges of the credit card payment of 2k. Oscar threatened helpenergydrink over the phone with the presence of the beverage companies owner’s wife listening on Bluetooth in the car. Oscar threatened to get helpenergydrink Instagram closed down.

Oscar Pineiro owns a scam marketing company in the experience of a beverage company. His email bebomiamimarketing@gmail.com .

Oscar Pineiro Pembroke Pines

His address: PEMBROKE PINES, FL 33028. 

Last lived at HOLLYWOOD, FL 33029. Right around the corner of Jessica.