Jessica Canizales

Jessica Canizales complained to a beverage company that one image of her for one second was in the companies one-minute video. The company stated this woman worked for another company they own yrs ago.

Jessica Canizales lives in west Pembroke Pines, Fl. 33029. She owns xxoticangels2 on Instagram too. This Instagram is what made the complaint to the beverage companies Instagram.

Mechanism of hacking:

Someone hired IG @redoizm also known as who stole the Instagram of a beverage company.
The obvious exists all one has to do is look.

Oscar Pineiro  – see more of Oscar the one that threatened helpenergydrink to get the beverage companies Instagram closed down. Oscar used to live right around the corner from Jessica Canizales. The beverage company stated, more than likely Oscar who hates helpenergydrink and was probably stalking the company Instagram called Jessica and said hey you on this Instagram video, make a complaint. So, Jessica did make a complaint. Oscar Piniero runs Instagram miamiproblemss

Two days later, the beverage company accommodated the issue. The beverage company stated that they will just remove the one-second section.Then the account reached out to the beverage company stating they wanted to help them. The beverage company was skeptical of the DM message. However, the beverage company stated though, they wanted to accommodate instagram.The beverage company asked for worker identifications, which the support staff provided. The identifications were from Turkey and looked real. But, they were fake.

Did Jessica with the help of Oscar Pineiro more than lifely hire which is a company in the country Turkey.

Someone had to start the process for the hacker to try to extort helpenergydrink for $4,000 USD . They stole helpenergydrink account.

This is a new email that owns the beverage companies Instagram is that was created to take over helpenergydrink.Look at the name of the email. Jes for Jessica? Jessica also owns a New York company as you can see below in an image. Supporting evidence. NY in the email seems pretty fitting.

Redosupport see more of them. This is the hacker. Check out the image below on their advertisement on helpenergydrink. They sent a dm message to helpenergydrink with worker ID for facebook and a Instagram handle with characters between Instagram support.

Hacker text messages to helpenergy drink owner Sean K.