Stefanie Bielomaz Houston Texas

Stefanie Bielomaz Houston Texas was fired back in 2015 from an exotic dancer company she worked for. She was fired for stealing money from the company and from a client. She was also fired due to threats, anger issues, creating a false facebook of the owner of the stripper company and for doing false reviews on the company. She is also known as Stefanie Stripwell in Texas.

BLACKLIST this nut job Stefanie Bielomaz Houston Texas from any stripping for parties like bachelor parties and especially from any corporate job.

Stefanie Bielomaz Houston Texas is a psychopath with anger issues. She is VOLATILE, is a THIEF, and will threaten to throw acid in your face as shown in text messages from her to sales staff.

Text messages between Stefanie Bielomaz  and sales manager for stripper company. Look at how nuts she is and the threats she made.