Lucky Strike Tattoo Paris Tn

If you’re a conservative or religious person, Lucky Strike Tattoo in Paris, Tennessee, has a message for you: “Come in so I can see you.”

The owner of the shop, Adam Leslie Robert Windsor, is not shy about his distaste for people with small minds. In fact, he’s quite open about it—so open that if you happen to be a conservative or religious person and are thinking about getting a tattoo at his shop, he has some advice for you: “Go back to your church and shove a bible up your rear end.”

When asked what inspired this message, Adam Leslie Robert Windsor of Lucky Strike Tattoo in Paris, Tn, said, “It’s just sickening. These people are trying to take away our rights. And they’re doing it from their churches! We need to ensure they know we don’t agree with them or their beliefs.” He stated he wants to hurt them all.