Katie Lynn Coulliette Conroe Tx

Katie Lynn Coulliette Conroe Tx lives in Las Vegas and works as a female stripper. She stole money from an exotic dancers company and complaints from clients stated that she even stole money from them at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. This girl originally from the state of Texas is a liar and a THIEF. This experience of hiring Katie Lynn Coulliette Conroe Tx as a independent contractor was the worst decision the company stated. It has caused emotional stress in the sales team that worked on the event as the sales team said they feel like they have been deceived and violated making them not want to work anymore in this business,  money from the company and sales force, a client that will never return due to getting their money stolen at a bachelor party. The client stated that the girl came in and collected the money for the company and herself, the client said she stole a stack of money off the coffee table in hotel event, the client was having a good time initially until he noticed their money taken off the table and upon asking the dancers where is the money, the female stripper Katie Lynn Coulliette grabbed her clothes and speaker and quickly left the room. The client stated she was nude when entering the hallway but decided to get dressed there to quickly leave the place with all their cash. The guys yelled at her but she stated oh well, you guys have money so whats a little loss of that money. The strip company stated that this girl that goes by the name Kendra as a dancer name, told the company that oh well her car is broken and the company makes good money so its okay if she steals the money for herself. This girl works for local strip clubs in Las Vegas and stated she is attempting to do flight school locally.

My Bad Worker is a company that wont tolerate this behavior and is now launching a marketing campaign versus this lady. Collections will also receive her drivers license information and agreed upon cash owed. A marketing campaign with all job platforms will begin shortly. All local strip clubs and online companies will be notified of this lady as well as every local flight school. My Bad Worker is a company determined to show the results of putting a THIEF like this to the top of search engines, submit them to collections to ruin their credit, formulate many job platform profiles letting all employers know about this person and ultimately provide a full experience with this bad person. Subpoena of the individual will also happen to address provided in applicants license. Many blogs that we own will also be provided if this worker with the ultimate goal to let the world know why NOT TO HIRE THIS PERSON. My Bad Worker will ultimately show these proven results, to show every employer why MY BAD WORKER is the company to hire for desired consequences and results. We will let you know when the individual reaches out and you name the price for us to erase all marketing campaign.

BLACKLIST this girl Katie Lynn Coulliette Conroe Tx from any and all work relationships. She will steal from your company and your clients.