Gipssy Adrianne Milian Hialeah Fl

Gipssy Adrianne Milian Hialeah Fl is a FEMALE STRIPPER that stole money $900 from a strip company and $250 from a customer of the strip company. This person is a THIEF and cant be trusted. Gipssy Adrianne Milian is 1072 E. 19 street Hialeah, Florida 33013. Other experiences from the strip company, stated she has a poor work ethic she is always complaining like a two-year-old when she must work for money. She stated that she expects to be paid for nothing. The company owner of the strip company stated she seems to have some mental problems as well, randomly shooting off at the mouth with obscenities. She is also a volatile person passively. Gipssy Adrianne MilianĀ works also at House of Yoga at 17690 nw 78 avenue 104,Miami,Fl. 33015.

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