1457 nw 159 Lane Pembroke Pines 33028

Current living conditions in this home. Major WATER LEAK from shower pan from the master bedroom upstairs. Other piping in the ceiling has multiple leaks whenever the shower is on. The water meter shows leaking upon doing a leak test, with water bills of over $250 a month.  There are a few different leaks happening from the roof of the home. The refrigerator has been leaking for 3 years now. Toilets have been broken. The dishwasher still doesn’t work.

BEWARE of this property. It has many issues internally with multiple water leak issues causing water bills to cost over $275 a month.

Water leaks are damaging to your house and need costly plumbing repairs and water damage restoration. So, it’d go without saying that you wish to do all you can to avoid any water leaks in the home. To do this, you have to know that what most causes of water leak in a house. Keep reading to learn more about the common causes of water leakages.

Some Water Leak Examples 1457 NW 159 Lane Pembroke Pines Florida 33028 

ClogsClogs are one of the most common causes of water leaks in a house. If ignored, they can create a huge problem. If a clog is left alone for a long time, the pressure might increase within the pipeline and cause it to burst or crack. Taking care of clog is much simpler and less costly than what outcomes if you did not take care of the issue soon.

High Water Pressure
Who does not love a strong warms shower in the morning? It is the best way to wake up and face the day. It is a significant sign that you might have water pressure that is too high. Why should you care about this? The water pipes in your house are not made to withstand high water force for an extended amount of period.

The average water pressure should be 60lbs PSI. Pressure higher than eighty PSI can cause the pipeline to develop many pinholes, which leads to a vast-scale water mess in your house. If you are not a handyman and do not have the essential tools to check the water pressure, call a professional.

Tubs and Toilets
Showers and tubs have seals made to keep water moving down drains and the rain. Sometimes, a seal is defective. This can make a disaster for a house owner, particularly if the lean is not noticed for a long time. Toilets also have some seals that make sure water drains to a suitable place.

Leaks in bathrooms go undetached. They are usually in places where you cannot see the evidence rapidly. Water might have been soaking into subflooring for months, where it makes the ideal environment for mildew growth. The primary sign of a toilet or Tub leak might be stains on the joists or ceiling in the area under the bathroom.

Water Heaters
Your home water heater is probably tucked away into a part of the house that does not get many visits. This makes it challenging to spot water leaks from this regular appliance. Water heaters can leak from the tank, but also from losing valves and connections. Do yourself a favor and usually inspect your water heater for signs of water leaks and get plumbing repairs right away to prevent any damage.

Corroded Pipes
Corrosion in your pipeline is an inevitable problem. You’d insulate the metal to maintain its durability but remain corroded pipes will occur eventually. When your channels become corroded, pinholes can start to form, resulting in small water leaks in your pipes. Pipe corrosion is generally due to high or low PH levels in your water. The PH metric measures how much amount acid is in the water. The recommended level for your water is 6.5-6.8.